Corporate Teambuilding Day Photography

I was lucky enough to spend a day out in the Hertfordshire countryside, photographing the Marketing and Trading Executives of a major utilities company during a corporate teambuilding day. The day was filled with challenges set by a team of ex-SAS soldiers, including quad bike racing, helicopter surveillance and various code-breaking and ingenuity tests. Competition was fierce amongst the different teams, and the pressure was on to solve all the tasks as quickly as possible, so that the intelligence could then be provided to the team leaders and the ‘enemy’ fortress could be stormed. This was great fun to photograph and the final assault involved lots of smoke and fake explosions, which made for some great photo-opportunities.

corporate training day photography-001.jpgcorporate training day photography-003.jpgcorporate training day photography-004.jpgcorporate training day photography-005.jpgcorporate training day photography-006.jpgcorporate training day photography-007.jpgcorporate training day photography-008.jpgcorporate training day photography-009.jpgcorporate training day photography-010.jpgcorporate training day photography-011.jpgcorporate training day photography-012.jpgcorporate training day photography-013.jpgcorporate training day photography-014.jpgcorporate training day photography-015.jpgcorporate training day photography-016.jpgcorporate training day photography-017.jpgcorporate training day photography-018.jpgcorporate training day photography-019.jpgcorporate training day photography-020.jpgcorporate training day photography-021.jpg

This exciting day out was followed by a sumptuous 6 course dinner the the 5 Star Grove Hotel, including live entertainment by Paloma Faith and others, and a casino and late bar.

c20-corporate training day photography-002.jpgc23-corporate training day photography-013.jpgc25-corporate training day photography-009.jpgc32-corporate training day photography-012.jpgc36-corporate training day photography-008.jpgc36-corporate training day photography-010.jpgc36-corporate training day photography-015.jpgc41-corporate training day photography-014.jpgc63-corporate training day photography-006.jpgc64-corporate training day photography-016.jpgc69-corporate training day photography-003.jpgc78-corporate training day photography-005.jpgc81-corporate training day photography-001.jpgc82-corporate training day photography-011.jpgc85-corporate training day photography-004.jpgc86-corporate training day photography-007.jpgc86-corporate training day photography-017.jpgc92-corporate training day photography-018.jpg

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